Kaljian Construction Inc. provides a wide range of handyman/home repair and remodeling services for residential clients in Northern Contra Costa County. As a general contractor, the company is able to handle all types of construction projects, including kitchen, bathroom and complete interior house remodels; door, window and flooring installations, and more. Its handyman services extend to “anything my customers’ homes need,” says owner Robert Kaljian.

Mr. Kaljian operated a cabinet shop for 10 years before shifting his focus to home repair/remodeling and establishing Kaljian Construction. He’s been involved in construction since he was in high school, when he worked for a man who taught him the fundamentals of the trade. “I’ve always been mechanically inclined, but the knowledge I gained from that experience really sharpened my skills,” says Mr. Kaljian.

Kaljian Construction emphasizes the importance of preparation and meticulousness when working on its clients’ projects. “I firmly believe that if I always follow the same process, I’ll turn out good products,” says Mr. Kaljian. “Shortcuts don’t work in construction—there’s too much planning and skill involved. I take my time and make sure I have the right tools for the job at hand.”

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